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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Swachchhata Pakhvadyu Ujvani


Teachers will have to inspect and evaluate the hygiene facilities in every corner of the school institution and make necessary arrangements for the maintenance of the facilities.  Covid.  Awareness on hand washing facilities, daily cleaning and disinfection, use of toilets, use of water facilities, ventilation, waste management etc. should be raised during 19.

 Testing of water facility under Jal Jeevan Mission.  In the rainy season till November 2021, the status of water storage systems in the school can be checked and a growth plan can be carried out.  Extensive cleaning and disinfection of toilets, kitchens, classrooms, fans, doors, windows, etc. should be carried out on campus.  

The local community can participate in these activities with the participation of SAcs / PTAs and local representatives, the number of participating schools, photographs and videos and promotional materials must be uploaded to Google+ Track and Drive,   03 / o2 / 2021 (Shakwar) "Community Awareness Day * or to organize community awareness day aminar (virtualana groups) on the theme of hygiene to promote hygiene and cowardly safe behavior in children.  

Promoting the theme of Sikran among the people in the local areas under 19. The number of students participating in the Community Awareness Day, photographs and videos and promotional materials must be uploaded on Google Tracker and prive.  And Sunday) “In Green School Nine Days students can develop imaginative slogans, posters and pennant plaques on topics such as cowardly behavior and fighting corona by eliminating vaccinations, water conservation, single use plastics etc.  And it will have to be installed in school backgabbing, village, city, and school premises.  To educate students about water conservation at school and at home, the number of participating schools, photographs and videos and promotional materials will have to be uploaded to Google Tracker and Drive.  Ta.  Dated from 08 / o2 / 2011.  02 / pe021 (Monday and Tuesday; "Participation Day in spite of the self 

 Competition is organized in the district / talu buy Lastrau in Swasthal toilet and clean school campus by following the Kovid protocol.  Organize 50 (virtual) essay writing competitions on the theme "School". Top 2 essays, slogans and jokes will have to be scanned per district. Number of students participating in the drawing competition will have to be uploaded on Google Tracker and prive.  Wednesday) - Handwashing Day "to raise awareness about the need for hand washing in everyday life.


In which children have to talk about hygiene and make a resolution (mask, safe distance, hand hygiene etc.), hygiene / covid awareness message department / institutions should be put on the school website.  Electronic banners can be created and uploaded on web portals to follow hygiene lessons, publicity and awareness generation can be done through the use of social media as well as electronic and print media, number of students sworn in cleanliness and number of participating schools as well as sworn photographs.  

And upload video and promotional materials to Google Tracker and Drive.  07 / o2 / 01) * Hygiene Awareness Day * Hold a virtual meeting between children, parents and teachers of SMCsSMDCsiPTAa to explain the importance of hygiene and cleanliness and the importance of hand washing, masks and social distance, as well as encourage them for hygiene and cleanliness in school and home.  And inspire.  

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