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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Logical game. 3 watermelon placed in right way

What is the unadulterated Gujarati of the English word Penson? Givai, the sum chose to be given for the work, the sum got for means. In the past times, representatives were faithful to Raj and served him. Consequently the lord paid them. At the point when the worker resigned, Raj would pay a yearly or month to month allowance for his long periods of dependability and administration. With the goal that his unwavering worker doesn't carry on with a defenseless life. Raj can keep his head high. It was Raj's complaint that a resigned worker languished over cash. Any worker who has served the Raj and individuals for 35-35 years ought not be miserly in giving the last five-fifteen years of his life. 


Regardless anybody says, Class 3 and Class 4 in India don't get attractive celery. Vegetable trucks, cart pullers, leaf gulls and instructive aides are largely financially one-limbed birds. On the off chance that you think profoundly now, the initial five years of the existence of government representatives and the most recent five years of life are considered as "dark time". 

I shiver at the prospect of how a worker will actually want to earn enough to pay the bills at Rs 2,000 every month under the new upgraded benefits conspire. The appalling future seems as though a resigned police constable will be remaining external a rich money manager's home as a safety officer. A resigned educator might be doing the housework herself or accomplishing crafted by a caretaker. A resigned agent of a Mamlatdar's office will be a sales rep of a material shop. The fortunate one will get this, the unavoidable issue is who will give the work after the excess 58 years !!! 

What can a representative save in the event that they talk about the present exploration? Possibly in the event that he saves, what premium does he get in the bank? 5% yearly. BP tablets are accessible in the market today for Rs. One individual places 100 rupees in the bank today. Assume that in ten years the rupee pairs and in 2031 it becomes 200 rupees. Presently E.S. What will be the cost of BP pill in 2031? Will the transports cost Rs. Swelling has the wheels of a Ferrari and our investment funds are the wheels of a bike. This implies that you will have however many investment funds as you like, yet provided that their speed is higher than swelling, those reserve funds will prove to be useful in advanced age! 

For data, the charge for doing MBA in a private school in our nation is Rs. 31 lakhs. A typical two BHK level costs Rs 45 lakh. Regardless of whether the worker just one of these two positions, every one of his reserve funds will be squandered from the mountain. The ramifications is that you need to turn into a worker again to earn enough to pay the bills before! We need to consider "satisfaction" in what we get by being powerless. 

A representative who has served the state and needs to appreciate such "joy" is viewed as a disappointment of the state. The cost of long lasting steadfastness can't be weakness. Assuming you need to see an illustration of superb worker administration in the work, take a gander at "Google". Google pays a lifetime annuity to the group of a been worker with the organization for one year or twenty years. The organization accepts that it is the obligation of the whole family, in addition to the worker, after the representative joins the organization. On the off chance that we leave our representative's family unattended, our organization is in a difficult situation, it is a shame on the top of our organization ..... furthermore, that is the reason such organizations are spread everywhere. 

Come, together, we should reestablish the old annuity conspire. There are four mainstays of majority rules system. Assembly, organization, legal executive and news world (media). Presently the fifth section has been added. Which is called Commonman's Voice. That segment is web-based media. This fifth segment has demonstrated so powerful that it can shake the other four sections. On the off chance that in a regressive nation like Serbia, an organic product truck with a viral post via web-based media can oust the nation's tyranny, we don't have anything to do. We simply need to be helped to remember our right and get it back in serene ways. 

Vote based system is an administration run by individuals for individuals. In which the work is finished by the assessment of most individuals. The representatives working in the public authority workplaces of India are the residents of India. In excess of 1,000,000 tweets were retweeted from the nation over today with the hashtags #RestoreOldPension and #NPS_QUIT_INDIA. 

Isn't this the greater part? 

Isn't it the obligation of the public authority to re-carry out the old annuity plot which is a stick of advanced age for the workers who have been playing out their obligation with deep rooted commitment? 

On the off chance that the appropriate response is no, this benefits plan ought to be stopped in any event, for MLAs, MPs, Prime Minister and President who have been chosen for just five years. 

Attempt a rationale puzzle! Do you know the appropriate response.

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